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thandie_pics's Journal

Thandie Newton Picture Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
1. Pictures only. No news, no gossip, no discussions, NO ICONS***, NO COMMUNITY PROMOS.

2. Please use cut tags for posts that contain more than one picture, or pictures that are larger than 700x700 pixels.

3. Cut tags must also be used for photos that contain nudity(with a "NSFW" warning, please).

4. DO NOT HOTLINK FROM OTHER PEOPLE'S WEBSITES OR IMAGE HOSTS!!! If I right-click on your image and see that it's direct-linked, I will delete your post and ban you from the community. If you need a place to upload photos, sign up for a free account at Photobucket, Imageshack, or any of the other free image hosting sites.

5. Comments, questions, and/or suggestions regarding this community can be emailed to lapetitediva@livejournal.com. DO NOT contact the moderator at her personal journal. Thank you.

***If you have icons to share, please post them in one of the MANY icon communities on LJ. After some thought, I've decided to NOT permit icon posts because 99% of the time, the makers attempt to use a particular community as advertising space for their personal icon journals/communities by redirecting members to said journals/communities in order to view the rest of the set. IMO, that is a form of community promotion, which violates Rule #1.

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